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Exam ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (Syllabus 2018)
Number CTFL_Syll2018
File Name ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (Syllabus 2018).dump4pass.CTFL_Syll2018.2021-05-01.1e.299q.vcex
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Posted May 01, 2021

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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following is correct?

  • A: Intrusive test tools are tools that do not exhibit the probe-effect
  • B: Testing tools can be used by both developers and testers
  • C: Use of testing tools is effective only when done as part of a test automation system
  • D: Testing tools allow developers do testing Use of such tools changes the role of the test team

Question 2
Which of the following statements about decision tables are TRUE?
I. Generally, decision tables are generated for low risk test items
II. Test cases derived from decision tables can be used for component tests.
III. Several test cases can be selected for each column of the decision table.
IV. The conditions in the decision table represent negative tests generally.

  • A: I, III
  • B: II, III
  • C: II, IV
  • D: I, IV

Question 3
The following sentences refer to the Standard for Software Test Documentation' specification (IEEE 829). 
Which sentence is correct?

  • A: The key to high quality test documentation regimes is strict adherence to this standard
  • B: Any deviation from this standard should be approved by management, marketing & development
  • C: This test plan outline is relevant for military projects For consumer market projects there is a different specification with fewer items
  • D: Most test documentation regimes follow this spec to some degree, with changes done to fit a specific situation or organization

Question 4
Once a bug is fixed, it should be retested. What is the term used to define this type of testing?

  • A: Reliability Testing
  • B: Confirmation Testing
  • C: Maintainability Testing
  • D: Regression Testing

Question 5
Where and by whom is Beta testing normally performed?

  • A: By customers or potential customers at their own locations 
  • B: By an independent test team at the developing organization's location
  • C: At the developing organization's site, but not by the developing team
  • D: By customers or potential customers at the developing organization's site

Question 6
Out of the following, what is not needed to specify in defect report?

  • A: How to fix the defect
  • B: Severity and priority
  • C: Test environment details
  • D: How to reproduce the defect

Question 7
The following program part is given:
IF (condition A) 
then DO B 
How many test cases are necessary in order to achieve 100% statement coverage?

  • A: 1
  • B: 2
  • C: 4
  • D: a very high number

Question 8
A software company decided to buy a commercial application for its accounting operations. As part of the evaluation process, the company decided to assemble a team to test a number of candidate applications. 
Which team would be the most suitable for this goal? 

  • A: A team from an outsourcing company which specializes in testing accounting software
  • B: A team with a mix of software testers and experts from the accounting department
  • C: A team of users from the accounting department that will need to use the application on dairy basis
  • D: A team from the company's testing team, due to their experience in testing software

Question 9
Which of the following is a correct set of boundary values to test the "Group Size" parameter, as defined by the following statement; 
"In a reservation system for groups visiting a small museum, the graphical user interface presents a field asking the number of group members. Group size can be anywhere from 2 to 20 visitors"

  • A: 0,1,8,21,22 
  • B: 0,1,2,3,10,19,20,21,22
  • C: 2,3,19,20
  • D: 1,2,20,21

Question 10
Which of the following statements is true?

  • A: Incident management tools are used by testers only
  • B: A configuration management tool has nothing to do with testing
  • C: Test management tools are used by managers only
  • D: A requirements management tool may be considered as test support tool



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