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Exam ITIL 4 Foundation
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which is a result of applying the guiding principle progress iteratively with feedback?

  • A: The ability to discover and respond to failure earlier
  • B: Standardization of practices and services
  • C: Understanding the customer's perception of value
  • D: Understanding the current state and identifying what can be reused

Question 2
Which practice has a purpose that includes managing risks to confidentiality, integrity and availability?

  • A: Information security management
  • B: Continual improvement
  • C: Monitoring and event management
  • D: Service level management

Question 3
Which will help solve incidents more quickly?

  • A: Target resolution times
  • B: Escalating all incidents to support teams
  • C: Collaboration between teams
  • D: Detailed procedural steps for incident investigation

Question 4
When is the earliest that a workaround can be documented in 'problem management'?

  • A: After the problem has been logged
  • B: After the problem has been prioritized
  • C: After the problem has been analysed
  • D: After the problem has been resolved

Question 5
Which is an activity of the 'problem management' practice?

  • A: Restoration of normal service operation as quickly as possible
  • B: Prioritization of problems based on the risk that they pose
  • C: Authorization of changes to resolve the cause of problems
  • D: Resolution of incidents in a time that meets customer expectations

Question 6
What can be used to determine if a service is 'fit for purpose'?

  • A: Availability
  • B: Warranty
  • C: Outcome
  • D: Utility

Question 7
In service relationships, what is a benefit of identifying consumer roles?

  • A: It enables effective stakeholder management
  • B: It provides shared service expectations
  • C: It removes constraints from the customer
  • D: It enables a common definition of value

Question 8
Which statement about managing incidents is CORRECT?

  • A: Low impact incidents should be resolved efficiently, making logging unnecessary
  • B: The 'incident management' practice should use a single process regardless of the impact of the incident
  • C: Low impact incidents should be resolved efficiently so the resource required is reduced
  • D: Incidents with the lowest impact should be resolved first

Question 9
Which statement about the service value chain is CORRECT?

  • A: The service value chain converts value into demand
  • B: Each value chain activity uses different combinations of practices to convert inputs into outputs
  • C: Each value chain activity identifies a requirement for resources from an external supplier
  • D: The service value chain uses value streams to describe a combination of consumers and providers

Question 10
What term is used to describe whether a service will meet availability, capacity and security requirements?

  • A: Outcomes
  • B: Value
  • C: Utility
  • D: Warranty



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