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Exam Security Design, Specialist Exam
Number JN0-1332
File Name Security Design, Specialist Exam.VCEPlus.JN0-1332.2022-09-13.1e.65q.vcex
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Posted September 13, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are designing a service provider network. As part of your design you must ensure that the OSPF, BGP, and RSVP protocol communications are secured using the same authentication method. Which authentication protocol will accomplish this task?

  • A: HMAC-MD5
  • B: simple authentication
  • C: SHA-RSA
  • D: SHA-256

Question 2
You are asked to design security into the configuration of routing protocols on your Junos network to stop rogue neighbors from forming adjacencies for an enterprise WAN What win accomplish this task?

  • A: PAP
  • B: SAML
  • C: MOS
  • D: TTLS

Question 3
You must secure network access by requiring users to log in through an HTTP browser, while alsoallowing printers to connect to the network using MAC address validation. What will satisfy theserequirements?

  • A: 802. IX multiple supplicant
  • C: captive portal
  • D: guest VLAN

Question 4
You must implement a solution to deploy end-to-end security services on network elements.
Which solution will accomplish this task?

  • A: Security Director
  • B: Network Director
  • C: JSA
  • D: SRX Series devices

Question 5
Which two features would provide protection from known malware? (Choose two.)

  • A: ALGs
  • B: screens
  • C: Junker ATP Cloud
  • D: IPS

Question 6
A customer wants to understand why Poky Enforcer is included as a part of your network design proposal.
In this situation, which statement is correct

  • A: Policy Enforcer submits files to Juniper ATP Cloud for malware scanning
  • B: Policy Enforcer can provide client security based on software installed on the client machine
  • C: Policy Enforcer provides 2ero trust security to ail devices connecting to the network
  • D: Policy Enforcer can collect events and news from a wide range of network devices

Question 7
In yew network design, you must include a method to block IP addresses from certain countries that will automatically update within the SRX Series devices' security policies.
Which technology would accomplish this goal?

  • A: UTM
  • B: GeolP
  • C: dynamic DNS
  • D: IPS

Question 8
Which statement about Junos firewall filters is correct?

  • A: Firewall filters can be applied as a security policy action
  • B: Firewall filters do not operate on stateful flows and they serve no purpose in a next-generation firewall
  • C: Firewall filters can be applied as the packet enters the security device, and they are stateless.
  • D: Firewall filters are applied to TCP packets only. and they do not block UDP pockets

Question 9
According to Juniper Networks, what are two focus points when designing a secure network? 
(Choose two.)

  • A: performance
  • B: automation
  • C: distributed control
  • D: classification

Question 10
You are designing an IP camera solution for your warehouse You must block command and control servers from communicating with the cameras. In this scenario. which two products would you need to include in your design?
(Choose two)

  • A: SRX Series device
  • B: Security Director
  • C: Juniper ATP Cloud
  • D: IPS



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