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Exam Service Provider Design, Specialist Exam
Number JN0-1362
File Name Service Provider Design, Specialist Exam.VCEPlus.JN0-1362.2022-09-15.1e.65q.vcex
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Posted September 15, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two benefits of including analytics in your network management design proposal? (Choose two.)

  • A: Analytics can be used for troubleshooting and diagnosing network problems
  • B: Analytics dynamically standardizes software and firmware versions.
  • C: Analytics can allow administrators to evaluate and optimize WAN resources.
  • D: Analytics dynamically makes network optimization change

Question 2
You work for a corporation deploying new data centers using EVPN/VXLAN You are considering using EVPN for the data center interconnects. The hardware and software being deployed in the data centers support EVPN Type 5 routes.
In this scenario, which additional DCI benefit do Type 5 routes provide?

  • A: Type 5 routes support Layer 3 connectivity across multiple data centers, eliminating the need to advertise Layer 3 VPN routes.
  • B: Type 5 routes provide Layer 2 connectivity across multiple data centers, if MPLS encapsulation is being used.
  • C: Type 5 routes provide Layer 2 connectivity across multiple data centers, if VXLAN encapsulation is being used.
  • D: Type 5 routes support Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity between data center eliminating the need to advertise Layer 3 VPN and Layer 2 VPN routes.

Question 3
You work for a service provider that offers Layer 2 services. One of the customers is purchasing Layer 2 VPN services to interconnect several sites.
In this scenario, which two functions are provided by the PE router? (Choose two )

  • A: It maintains all customer Layer 3 routing information.
  • B: It selects the appropriate Layer 2 VPN in the service provider network.
  • C: It maintains an MP-BGP session with each customer site to exchange customer routing information
  • D: It maintains MPLS LSPs between the sites.

Question 4
You are asked to create a point-to-multipoint DCI that does not overwhelm the data plane with MAC learning traffic.
Which protocol would you use in this situation?

  • A: VPLS
  • B: PPTP
  • C: EVPN
  • D: pseudowire

Question 5
You are designing the physical redundancy for a service provider network and are checking for potential risks due to fate sharing.
Which two sources of fate sharing should you examine in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A: hardware vendor
  • C: building location
  • D: fiber conduit

Question 6
You are asked to provide a design proposal for a service provider's core network. The network consists of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and must scale up to 50 core routing devices.
In this scenario, which statement is correct regarding the IGP design?

  • A: You can use OSPFv2 for IPv4 and OSPFv3 for IPv6 at the same time.
  • B: You must use OSPFv3 to support both address families.
  • C: You can use OSPFv2 to support both address families.
  • D: You must use IS-4S to support both address families. 

Question 7
You are deploying new WAN services between two routers and you are required to encrypt all traffic at Layer 2 Which solution would satisfy this requirement?

  • A: 802.1X
  • B: MACsec
  • C: IPsec

Question 8
A new customer asks that you extend their LAN across your WAN The customer wants to retain administrative control over all routing in their network.
Which two architectures would meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A: public Internet
  • B: Layer 2 VPN
  • C: Layer 3 VPN
  • D: VPLS

Question 9
You are creating a WAN solution design for an enterprise customer. The customer will be connecting three sites in different locations. The customer wants all of the sites to be part of the same Layer 2 network.
In this scenario, what are two valid connection methods you would provide in your design? (Choose two.)

  • A: NG-MVPN
  • B: leased line
  • C: IPsecVPN
  • D: EVPN

Question 10
Which three statements are true about class-of-service (CoS) schedulers? (Choose three )

  • A: Schedulers determine into which queue a packet should be assigned.
  • B: Schedulers determine the packet transmission rate for each queue.
  • C: Schedulers determine the packet markings that are used to prioritize traffic.
  • D: Schedulers determine how packets are handled during times of congestion.
  • E: Schedulers determine the size of buffer assigned to each queues. 



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