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Exam Security, Associate
Number JN0-231
File Name Security, Associate.CertDumps.JN0-231.2023-11-01.1e.115q.vcex
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Posted November 01, 2023
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of these about security zones is true?

  • A: Logical interfaces can only be added to user-defined security zones
  • B: A security zone must contain at least one interface
  • C: An interface can belong to multiple security zones
  • D: A security zone can only contain one interface

Question 2
SSH service has been correctly configured on an SRX device. However, administrators are unable to connect using SSH on the revenue ports.  
Which of these can be configured to solve this problem?

  • A: Allow SSH traffic as host inbound traffic on the incoming security zone
  • B: Configure an IDP policy to allow SSH traffic
  • C: Configure a global policy to allow SSH traffic
  • D: Configure a security policy to allow SSH traffic

Question 3
Which command can be used to view the mode (flow or packet-based) in which the SRX device is operating?

  • A: user@SRX> show security flow session
  • B: user@SRX> show security flow forwarding-mode
  • C: user@SRX> show security flow status
  • D: user@SRX> show security flow forwarding-status

Question 4
Which of these are pre-defined login classes available on an SRX device? (Choose two)

  • A: Super-user
  • B: Root
  • C: JTAC
  • D: Administrator
  • E: Operator

Question 5
An interface can have an IPv4 and an IPv6 address at the same time.  
True or False.

  • A: False
  • B: True

Question 6
Which of these is true about STATELESS firewalls on an SRX device?

  • A: Packets are analyzed as part of a session
  • B: Packets are analyzed using firewall filters
  • C: Packets are analyzed using security policies
  • D: Packets are analyzed using source zone information

Question 7
When configured in packet mode, which of these features are NOT available on an SRX device? (Choose three)

  • A: Unified Threat Management
  • B: Firewall Filters
  • C: Network Address Translation
  • D: Security Policies

Question 8
Which type of security is provided by firewall filters?

  • A: Content filtering
  • B: Encrypted
  • C: Stateless
  • D: Stateful

Question 9
Which of these statements are true? (Choose two)

  • A: The null zone is a user-defined zone
  • B: All traffic to the null zone is allowed
  • C: By default, all interfaces belong to the null zone
  • D: All traffic to the null zone is dropped

Question 10
Which of these predefined login classes has all permissions on an SRX device?

  • A: Administrator
  • B: Root
  • C: Super-user



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