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Exam Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design
Number NS0-175
File Name Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design Specialist.VCEPlus.NS0-175.2021-10-04.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted October 04, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are sizing a FlexPod Datacenter solution formultitenancy use.  
What are two important platform scaling considerations in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A: maximum NetApp ONTAP cluster limits
  • B: maximum NetApp ONTAP storage VM limits
  • C: maximum Cisco vPC interfaces between Fabric Interconnects
  • D: maximum Cisco L1, L2 interfaces between Fabric Interconnects

Question 2
You are developing a FlexPod solution with a MetroCluster IP as the storage solution.  
In this scenario, which two components are supported? (Choose two.)

  • A: NetApp AFF C190
  • B: Cisco Nexus 3524-X/XL
  • C: Cisco Nexus 3232C  
  • D: NetApp AFF A400

Question 3
You are asked to evaluate SaaS-based monitoring solutions for your FlexPod environment. Other than being SaaS-delivered, selection criteria include full lifecycle management, environment automation, and the ability to monitor third-party storage that is salted for retirement.  
In this scenario, which product satisfies the requirements?

  • A: NetApp Cloud Insights
  • B: NetApp OnCommand Insight
  • C: Cisco UCS Manager
  • D: Cisco Intersight

Question 4
A customer wants to use a Cisco Nexus 93180YC-FX switch to support the FC protocol for booting from SAN without having to deploy additional Cisco 900 Series MDS switches in their FlexPod Datacenterconfiguration.  
In this scenario, what is required for this solution?  

  • A: The customer must enable the FC license on the 93180YC-FX switch
  • B: The customer must deploy the 93180YC-FX switch as part of a Cisco ACI fabric
  • C: The customer must directly connect the NetApp AFF system to the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects
  • D: The customer must add an expansion FC module to the 93180YC-FX switch

Question 5
You are designing a multi-site FlexPod Datacenter solution for a customer using MetroCluster over IP. The design should include a single set of compliant switches for the environment.  
Which two features are required to satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A: support for Fibre Channel ports
  • B: support for an MTU size of 9216
  • C: support for unified switch ports
  • D: support for QoS

Question 6
You are sizing a FlexPod Virtual Desktop solution for a customer with 500 virtual desktops in a shared Remote Desktop Services (RDS) topology.  
In this scenario, which Cisco best practice should you use?

  • A: You should avoid placing more than 20 users per physical host
  • B: You should avoid over-committing physical CPU resources for virtual machines
  • C: You should avoid changing the virtual host disk queue depth
  • D: You should avoid multiple vCPUs per individual virtual machine

Question 7
You have a FlexPod solution that consists of a NetApp AFF A800 storage system, a Cisco MDS 9148S switch, and a Cisco UCS 6232 Fabric Interconnect. You want to upgrade NetApp ONTAP software on the AFF A800 to take advantage of a new feature.  
In this scenario, which three tools would enable you to verify if the upgrade would be performed safely? (Choose three.)

  • A: NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool
  • B: Cisco Intersight
  • C: Cisco Data Center Network Manager
  • D: Cisco UCS Hardware and Software Compatibility List
  • E: NetApp Active IQ Upgrade Advisor

Question 8
You are designing a new FlexPod solution to use with VMware vSphere by using NFS datastores and want to ensure maximum availability by using a vPC.  
In this scenario, on which Cisco component would you configure vPC interfaces?

  • A: Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect
  • B: Cisco MDS switches
  • C: Cisco Nexus switches
  • D: UCS B-Series blade server

Question 9
What are three requirements for all FlexPod Datacenter solutions?(Choose three.)

  • A: two NetApp storage controllers in a high-availability (HA) pair configuration
  • B: a separate 100 Mbps Ethernet/1 Gbps Ethernet out-of-band management network  
  • C: a pair of Fabric Extenders in a redundant configuration
  • D: two Cisco UCS 6200, 6300, or 6400 Series Fabric Interconnects in a redundant configuration
  • E: redundant boot-from-SAN LUN paths

Question 10
A customer wants to deploy a FlexPod Datacenter solution in a limited amount of rack space. After planning for the networking and storage devices required for the deployment, they realize they have six rack units of space remaining. They need to install as many servers as possible in this available rack space.  
In this scenario, which solution allows them to accomplish their objective?

  • A: three Cisco UCS C4200 rack servers
  • B: four Cisco UCS B480 M blade servers
  • C: six Cisco UCS C220 M5 rack servers
  • D: eight Cisco UCS B200 M5 blade servers



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