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Exam NetApp Certified Support Engineer
Number NS0-194
File Name NetApp Certified Support Engineer.VCEplus.NS0-194.2021-01-28.1e.59q.vcex
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Posted January 28, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
For security reasons, you must track the access of files of a specific folder.
In this scenario, what should you do to accomplish this task from the storage side?

  • A: Implement a Vscan solution.
  • B: Use a cron job to save the audit log.
  • C: Use role-based access control to track access.
  • D: Implement an FPolicy solution.

Question 2
You need to provide a customer an action plan to update an ONTAP system after a security bulletin has been issued.
In this scenario, how do you accomplish this task?

  • A: Use the Interoperability Matrix Tool.
  • B: Review the ONTAP 9 product page.
  • C: Download the target version and do a pre-check.
  • D: Use Upgrade Advisor on Active IQ.

Question 3
What is the minimum number of compute nodes required to run the NetApp Deployment Engine for NetApp HCI?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C: 3
  • D: 4

Question 4
Which NetApp technology enables you to perform block-based replication from NetApp Element software to Cloud Volumes ONTAP?

  • A: SyncMirror
  • B: SnapMirror
  • C: Cloud Sync
  • D: MetroCluster

Question 5

Referring to the exhibit, which two components should be examined? (Choose two.)

  • A: cluster switches
  • B: SAS adapter
  • C: network interface card
  • D: disk

Question 6
What are two reasons to use VLANs in a NetApp storage solution? (Choose two.)

  • A: to isolate UDP traffic from TCP traffic
  • B: to isolate management traffic from other IP traffic
  • C: to isolate iSCSI traffic from NAS traffic
  • D: to isolate FC traffic from other IP traffic

Question 7
Which CIFS server configuration determines the domain controllers that a CIFS server uses?

  • A: site membership
  • B: enabled SMB versions 
  • C: trusted domains
  • D: discovery mode

Question 8
Which three techniques are used in ONTAP to improve storage efficiencies? (Choose three.)

  • A: compression
  • B: encryption
  • C: compaction
  • D: ADP
  • E: thin provisioning

Question 9
You are working on a fabric MetroCluster. After a site failure, the plex starts to resync automatically to the aggregate mirror of Aggr1. The plex now shows a status of resyncing. During this process, you experience a slow resync of the SyncMirror plex.
In this scenario, how do you solve the problem?

  • A: Add more disks to the aggregate to add more I/O capacity.
  • B: Destroy and re-create plex, then run a baseline sync.
  • C: Tune the resync speed by adding a QoS policy and limit the concurrent I/O to the aggregate.
  • D: Tune the resync speed using the storage raid-options command.

Question 10
When you replace a motherboard, which step will completely test the newly installed component?

  • A: From ONTAP, execute sldiag.
  • B: From the LOADER prompt, type boot_ontap maint, then execute sldiag.
  • C: From the LOADER prompt, type boot_diags, then execute sldiag.
  • D: From the LOADER prompt, execute sldiag.



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