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Exam NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer -Data Protection
Number NS0-527
File Name NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer -Data Protection.VCEPlus.NS0-527.2022-09-13.1e.156q.vcex
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Posted September 13, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your manager requires you to protect a production SVM called svm01 by using SVM-DR. Your manager insists that all configuration and data LUNs be replicated to the DR cluster. The destination SVM should be called drsvm01. You set up an SVM-DR relationship between the clusters, specifying that the  identity- preserve option is set to true. After the initial replication completes, you discover that the iSCSI LIF configuration has not been replicated to drsvm01.
What should you do to solve this problem?

  • A: Run the relationship a second time and check the configuration again.
  • B: Manually create and configure the iSCSI LIFs on drsvm01.
  • C: Set up a new relationship without using the -identity-preserve option.
  • D: Add the FC protocol to the destination and configure the FC LIFs.

Question 2

You are configuring cluster peering from cluster2 to cluster1 on your ONTAP 9.7 clusters using ONTAP System Manager. You are given the details shown below to set up the cluster peer relationship. You want to determine why the peering has failed.
Cluster2 intercluster LIF IP: Subnet: Port: e0e passphrase: netapp1234 Cluster1 intercluster LIF IP: Subnet: Port: e0e passphrase: netapp1234 Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

  • A: The Source Cluster IP is incorrect.
  • B: The Target Cluster Passphrase is incorrect.
  • C: The Target Cluster IP is incorrect.
  • D: The Source Cluster Passphrase is incorrect. 

Question 3
You are the administrator of your company's ONTAP clusters. You are asked to provide a disaster recovery solution between your primary AFF A400 cluster and your FAS2720 cluster with the highest possible availability at the lowest possible price.
In this scenario, which product will satisfy this requirement?

  • A: MetroCluster
  • B: SM-S
  • C: SnapMirror
  • D: SVM-DR

Question 4
Application data needs to be replicated between two FAS9000 clusters running ONTAP 9.7 for DR purposes only. The application has 50 data volumes to be replicated concurrently. You also require that the application can run from the DR site should the production site suffer a disaster.

Referring to the exhibit, what would you use to satisfy the requirements?

  • A: SnapVault backups can be used to replicate all the application volumes.
  • B: Load sharing can be used to concurrently replicate the data between both systems.
  • C: SnapMirror Synchronous can be used to replicate the all the application volumes.
  • D: SnapMirror can be used to replicate all the data volumes concurrently.

Question 5
You experience a node outage as a result of a component failure in a high-availability (HA) pair. You replace the failed component and get the node booted up again, but are unable to perform the giveback operation. The onscreen error is:
"Connected to partner, Takeover is not possible: Storage failover mailbox disk state is invalid, Local node has encountered errors while reading the storage failover partner's mailbox disks. Local node missing partner disks" 
What are two ways to solve this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A: Correct the shelf cabling errors.
  • B: Destroy the root aggregate.
  • C: Correct the failover group configuration.
  • D: Destroy the mailboxes on both nodes.

Question 6
You have just deployed a new AFF A400 cluster running ONTAP 9.7 that currently has no data aggregates created. You want to ensure that all new data aggregates are encrypted before you migrate production data to the new AFF A400 cluster.
In this scenario, which two actions would you use to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A: After you create data aggregates, convert them to a NetApp Aggregate Encryption aggregate including root aggregates.
  • B: Ensure that you have the NetApp Volume Encryption license installed.
  • C: Ensure that the AFF A400 has self-encrypting drives.
  • D: After you create a data aggregate, verify that it is encrypted by default.

Question 7
You are the administrator of an ONTAP 9.7 cluster. You configured an hourly Snapshot schedule for all volumes. One of your users accidentally deleted an important spreadsheet file on an SMB share. This file must be restored within a minimum amount of time.
Which two actions satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A: On the cluster CLI, issue the volume clone restore command.
  • B: On the cluster CLI, issue the volume snapshot restore-file command.
  • C: In Windows Explorer, right-click on the SMB share where the file was deleted, go to "Previous Versions" and select the file, then copy it to the original location.
  • D: In ONTAP System Manager, navigate to the volume where the share resides, click on "Snapshot Copies" and restore the latest Snapshot copy.

Question 8
You are asked to re-purpose a NetApp FAS cluster. You need to verify that all encrypted data has been securely erased. 
Which two features would allow you to securely re-purpose the array? (Choose two.)

  • A: Secure Purge
  • B: SnapLock Compliance
  • C: Disk Sanitize
  • D: NetApp Aggregate Encryption

Question 9

You need to verify that you have a 10 Gb path between two clusters for SnapMirror traffic. Referring to the exhibit, how fast is the network path between the clusters?

  • A: 10 Mb
  • B: 100 Mb
  • C: 1 Gb
  • D: 10 Gb

Question 10
Which two statements are correct about configuring a peering connection between clusters?
(Choose two.)

  • A: The LIFs should be on the same subnet.
  • B: You must use at least one intercluster LIF per node.
  • C: You must use one cluster LIF per node per network.
  • D: The intercluster LIFs must have full connectivity to each other.



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