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Exam NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - Data Protection
Number NS0-513
File Name NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection.VCEplus.NS0-513.2019-07-31.1e.59q.vcex
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Posted July 31, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two policies would allow an administrator to configure disaster recovery and archiving in the same destination volume? (Choose two.)

  • A: MirrorAllSnapshots
  • B: MirrorAndVault
  • C: Unified7year
  • D: MirrorLatest

Question 2
You have a 2-node FAS9000 cluster that must replicate to a 2-node AFF A300 cluster. Both clusters use self-encrypting drives (SEDs) and need to encrypt all data at rest using centralized key management. Which two features accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A: Onboard Key Management
  • B: External Key Management
  • C: NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE)
  • D: NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE)

Question 3
You notice that after you delete data from your FlexVol volume, some Snapshot copies have also been deleted. Snapshot auto delete is enabled.
Which volume autosize mode must be enabled for this behavior to occur?

  • A: grow
  • B: disrupt
  • C: grow_shrinik
  • D: off

Question 4
You want to set up protection relationships at the time of provisioning one or more primary volumes in the source cluster in ONTAP.
Which NetApp management tool enables you to accomplish this task?

  • B: SnapCenter 
  • C: OnCommand System Manager
  • D: OnCommand Unified Manager

Question 5
Which OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA) feature allows users to download prebuilt WFA packs?

  • A: the Administration Portal
  • B: the Utility Toolchest
  • C: the Storage Automation Store
  • D: the Designer Portal

Question 6
A customer has a MetroCluster solution and wants to automate the disaster-recovery process. The customer wants to control the switchcover between the sites.
Which NetApp tool would satisfy these requirements?

  • A: OnCommand Unified Manager
  • B: MetroCluster Tiebreaker
  • C: OnCommand System Manager
  • D: OnCommand SnapCenter

Question 7
What does the metrocluster configuration-settings interface create command do?

  • A: It creates a MetroCluster local cluster ISL.
  • B: It creates a MetroCluster local cluster interconnect.
  • C: It creates a MetroCluster intercluster LIF.
  • D: It creates a MetroCluster MCCIP interface.

Question 8
You are using OnCommand Unified Manager to monitor the health and availability of your data protection relationships.
In this situation, what must be added to enable you to create, break, and resynchronize relationships?

  • A: SnapCenter
  • B: OnCommand System Manager
  • C: OnCommand Insight
  • D: OnCommand Workflow Automation

Question 9
You are maintaining a 4-node MetroCluster.
How are the high-availability interconnects cabled?

  • A: Each high-availability pair controller is cabled to its local partner.
  • B: High-availability interconects between the nodes are not needed.
  • C: High-availability interconnects are only needed for the remote connections between the nodes.
  • D: High-availability interconnects are cabled both locally and remotely between the nodes.

Question 10
You have deployed the DP_Optimized (DPO) license on the destination cluster to support a high number of volumes and peer relationships for setting up data protection with multiple source clusters. You want to obtain a list of unprotected volumes on the source cluster and protect them.
Which two management tools would be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • B: OnCommand Insight
  • C: OnCommand System Manager
  • D: OneCollect



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