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Exam Nokia Bell Labs 5G Networking
Number BL0-200
File Name Nokia Bell Labs 5G Networking.VCEPlus.BL0-200.2023-01-08.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted January 08, 2023
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Concentrator location is done during which phase?

  • A: RF design
  • B: Detailed design
  • C: Digital twin creation
  • D: X-Haul design

Question 2
5G transport network is a combination of three transport components. What are those 3 units?

  • A: Access Midhaul - Metropolitan/Core - Access Fronthaul
  • B: Access Backhaul - Metropolitan/Core - Backbone Core
  • C: Access Fronthaul - Metropolitan/Core - Access Midhaul
  • D: Access Midhaul - Metropolitan/Core - Mobile Access

Question 3
When is a non-standalone deployment needed?

  • A: When you need 4G RAN to provide all 5G services
  • B: When you need 56 RAN to provide all 5G services
  • C: When you need to have interworking between 4G and 5G core
  • D: When deploying 5G RAN but want to use 4G core

Question 4
Which of the following is NOT a functionality of Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)?

  • A: Takes care of mapping slice specific identifiers.
  • B: Determines the candidate AMFs to be used to serve the UE.
  • C: Selects the slices to which the UE can connect.
  • D: Provides policies directly to the UPF for implementation, in the form of slices.

Question 5
Identify the feature or feature set that reduces latency in the 5G RAN.

  • A: mMIMO and Beamforming
  • B: dual connectivity
  • C: flexible radio design
  • D: dynamic spectrum sharing

Question 6
Which of the following Is NOT part of a transport value package?

  • A: x-Haul
  • B: Baseband options
  • C: Optical transport

Question 7
In Time Sensitive Networking, which transport application should be configured for the highest priority?

  • A: Fronthaul
  • B: Long haul
  • C: Midhaul
  • D: Backhaul

Question 8
Select the correct statement regarding SDN:

  • A: SON doesn't allow the use of Multivendor/Open API
  • B: SDN allows the separation of control and user traffic
  • C: SDN allow the decentralization of the network control
  • D: SDN allows to access data directly in the hardware

Question 9
Which of the following are the functions of each Slice Management orchestrator?

  • A: Automation
  • B: Monitoring
  • C: Optimization
  • D: All of the above

Question 10
What are the options for voice call establishment in 5G SA mode? (Select 2)

  • A: EPS Fallback (VoLTE)
  • B: CS Fallback
  • C: Voice over NR
  • D: It is not possible



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