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Exam Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) Fundamentals
Number 4A0-N01
File Name Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) Fundamentals.VCEPlus.4A0-N01.2021-06-15.1e.64q.vcex
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Posted June 15, 2021

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Demo Questions

Question 1
What benefits does virtualization bring to a data center?

  • A: Mobility, flexibility, and better resource utilization.
  • B: Multitasking with prioritized process scheduling.
  • C: More processing power, memory and disk space.
  • D: Higher bandwidth, control plane simplification and reduced forwarding tables.

Question 2
What statement best describes the concept of Policy-Based Automation provided by Nuage Networks?

  • A: The virtual machines are automatically instantiated according to the specific policy defined in the CMS.
  • B: Network devices as TOR/EOR switch, and leaf/spine routers, are automatically provisioned based on the configuration policy.
  • C: The Nuage Networks VCS solution can integrate with any CMS, operate on any hypervisor, and be deployed in any data center network.
  • D: The overlay network instances are automatically created according to the configuration details defined in a specific policy.

Question 3
What occurrence is NOT a problem facing a traditional data center network?

  • A: High packet loss due to the use of the 3-tier hierarchy.
  • B: Sub-optimal traffic flow.
  • C: About half of the bandwidth is not used due to links being disabled by STP.
  • D: High latency for some applications.

Question 4
Which of the following is a host-centric overlay solution for a modern data center?

  • A: SPBM
  • B: TRILL
  • C: VXLAN
  • D: VPLS

Question 5
Which statement about SDN is correct?

  • A: Network control is fully integrated into the forwarding plane.
  • B: SDN supports cloud computing by automating virtual machine instantiation.
  • C: The API interface provides a way to program the SDN switch directly.
  • D: The SDN controller provides global provisioning of network devices.

Question 6
What information is included in the VTEP (virtual tunnel endpoint) forwarding table?

  • A: The remote VM IP addresses, the VXLAN ID (VNI) and the remote VTEP.
  • B: The remote VM MAC addresses, the VXLAN ID (VNI) and the remote VTEP.
  • C: The remote VM IP addresses, the VXLAN ID (VNI) and the local VTEP.
  • D: The remote VM MAC addresses, the VXLAN ID (VNI) and the local VTEP. 

Question 7
What statement about virtual switches is FALSE?

  • A: A virtual switch is typically implemented within the hypervisor so that the network is extended onto the server.
  • B: Virtual switches are VLAN capable.
  • C: Typically, virtual switches are as capable as physical switches, eg: LAG, hardware-based QoS.
  • D: If a virtual switch is not on the hypervisor, all traffic will go out of the physical NIC.

Question 8
What is NOT a requirement for modern data center networks to facilitate cloud computing?

  • A: Multi-tenancy
  • B: Network automation 
  • C: Virtual machine live migration
  • D: Network function virtualization

Question 9
Which statement correctly describes cloud computing?

  • A: Services are statically provisioned by a cloud service provider.
  • B: Services are offered as needed through the Internet.
  • C: SDN is the key enabler for cloud computing.
  • D: It provides convenient, permanent network access to a shared pool of computing resources.

Question 10
What statement regarding active/standby VSD cluster is TRUE?  

  • A: Both the primary and secondary cluster are running all VSD services.
  • B: XMPP connections to the secondary cluster are blocked.
  • C: The active/standby mode is also supported in standalone VSD.
  • D: VSP components (eg: VSCs) need reconfiguration after failover.



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