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Exam Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure
Number NCM-MCI-5.15
File Name Nutanix Certified Master -Multicloud Infrastructure.ExamCollection.NCM-MCI-5.15.v4-0.2022-06-07.1e.172q.vcex
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Posted June 07, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An administrator needs to run a mixed Exchange and SQL workload with a guaranteed amount of container space for each application. 
How should the administrator meet this requirement?

  • A: Create one container and set capacity reservation
  • B: Create two containers and reserve space for containers
  • C: Create one container and enable compression
  • D: Create two containers and reserve space for vDisks

Question 2
A configuration is single domain, single forest, and does not use SSL. 
Which port number should be used to configure LDAP?

  • A: 389
  • B: 3269
  • C: 636
  • D: 3268

Question 3
Which best practice should be followed when creating a bond in a Nutanix cluster?

  • A: Place NICs of different speeds within the same bond
  • B: Configure the bond to use LACP
  • C: Only utilize NICs of the same speed within the same bond
  • D: Use the default bond configuration after installation

Question 4
A customer wants to isolate a group of VMs within their Nutanix environment for security reasons. 
The customer creates a VM with two NICs to act as a firewall and installs the appropriate software and certificates.  
However, no one from the outside can access the application. 
What is the likely cause of this problem?

  • A: A shared volume group must be used by all isolated VMs
  • B: More than one NIC cannot be added to a VM
  • C: One of the NICs needs to be configured on the internal VLAN
  • D: Wireshark is installed on the NAT VM

Question 5
In Files, how many FSVMs are deployed by default?

  • A: 1
  • B: 2
  • C: 3
  • D: 5

Question 6
What are two minimum prerequisites for live migration to succeed? (Choose two.)

  • A: All AHV hosts have IP addresses in the same subnet
  • B: All AHV hosts must be configured on the same VLAN
  • C: All VMs have an IP address in the same subnet
  • D: All VMs are configured for the same VLAN

Question 7
How should an administrator enable secure access to Volumes using a password?

  • A: iSER
  • B: SAML
  • C: CHAP
  • D: LDAP

Question 8
An administrator is working on a one-node ROBO cluster configuration. 
Which statement is true for this configuration?

  • A: CVM should be assigned 8 vCPUs and 20 GB memory
  • B: Supported hardware is NX-1175S-G5 and NX-1175S-G6
  • C: The minimum RPO for this from factor is 8 hours
  • D: A Witness VM is required to break the quorum

Question 9
An administrator receives an alert email that indicates that a health check has failed. 
Which action should the administrator take to collect more information on the failed check?

  • A: In the Prism Web Console, select the URL included in the check details
  • B: Re-run the check from the CVM CLI using the ncc command
  • C: Forward the alert email to Nutanix Support requesting more information
  • D: Use the ncli command on the CVM to view the details of the check

Question 10
A cluster has RF2. The cluster loses two drives on different nodes in the same storage tier. 
What is the effect on the replicas of the VMs?

  • A: Some VM data may be lost
  • B: No VMs lose data if the node has two or more SSDs
  • C: Some VMs may reboot and gain access to data
  • D: No VMs lose data because of RF2



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