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Exam Oracle Database Administration I
Number 1z0-082
File Name Oracle Database Administration I.VCEplus.1z0-082.2019-12-24.1e.90q.vcex
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Posted December 24, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You execute this command:

Sufficient storage is available in filesystem /u01.
Which two statements are true about the BIG_TBS tablespace? (Choose two.)

  • A: AUTOEXTEND is possible for the datafile
  • B: It must be bigger than the largest SMALLFILE tablespace
  • C: Additional data files may not be added
  • D: It will be a dictionary-managed tablespace by default
  • E: It will always have a 32K blocksize

Question 2
Which statement is true about the INTERSECT operator used in compound queries?

  • A: Multiple INTERSECT operators are not possible in the same SQL statement
  • B: It processes NULLs in the selected columns
  • C: INTERSECT is of lower precedence than UNION or UNION ALL
  • D: It ignores NULLs

Question 3
Which three statements are true about advanced connection options supported by Oracle Net for connection to Oracle Database instances? (Choose three.)

  • A: Connect Time Failover requires the use of Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
  • B: Source Routing requires the use of a name server
  • C: Source Routing enables the use of Connection Manager (CMAN) which enables network traffic to be routed through a firewall
  • D: Load Balancing can balance the number of connections to dispatchers when using a Shared Server configuration
  • E: Load Balancing requires the use of a name server
  • F: Connect Time Failover requires the connect string to have two or more listener addresses configured

Question 4
Which two statements are true about date/time functions in a session where NLS_DATE_FORMAT is set to DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS? (Choose two.)

  • A: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns the same date and time as SYSDATE with additional details of fractional seconds
  • B: SYSDATE can be queried only from the DUAL table
  • C: CURRENT_DATE returns the current date and time as per the session time zone
  • D: SYSDATE can be used in expressions only if the default date format is DD-MON-RR
  • E: SYSDATE and CURRENT_DATE return the current date and time set for the operating system of the database server
  • F: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns the same date as CURRENT_DATE

Question 5
A database is configured to use automatic undo management with temporary undo enabled.
An UPDATE is executed on a temporary table.
Where is the UNDO stored?

  • A: in the undo tablespace
  • B: in the SYSAUX tablespace
  • C: in the SGA
  • D: in the PGA
  • E: in the temporary tablespace

Question 6
You have been tasked to create a table for a banking application.
One of the columns must meet three requirements:
1. Be stored in a format supporting date arithmetic without using conversion functions
2. Store a loan period of up to 10 years
3. Be used for calculating interest for the number of days the loan remains unpaid
Which data type should you use?


Question 7
In the spfile of a single instance database, LOCAL_LISTENER is set to LISTENER_1.
The TNSNAMES.ORA file in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin in the database home contains:

Which statement is true?

  • A: Dynamic service registration cannot be used for this database instance
  • B: The LREG process registers services dynamically with the LISTENER_1 listener
  • C: LISTENER_1 must also be defined in the LISTENER.ORA file to enable dynamic service registration
  • D: There are two listeners named LISTENER and LISTENER_1 running simultaneously using port 1521 on the same host as the database instances
  • E: The definition for LISTENER_1 requires a CONNECT_DATA section to enable dynamic service registration

Question 8
Which three statements are true concerning logical and physical database structures? (Choose three.)

  • A: All tablespaces may have one or more data files
  • B: The extents of a segment must always reside in the same datafile
  • C: A smallfile tablespace might be bigger than a bigfile tablespace
  • D: A segment can span multiple data files in some tablespaces
  • E: A segment's blocks can be of different sizes
  • F: A segment might have only one extent
  • G: Segments can span multiple tablespsaces

Question 9
Which two statements are true regarding a SAVEPOINT? (Choose two.)

  • A: Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a CREATE INDEX statement
  • B: Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a TRUNCATE statement
  • C: Only one SAVEPOINT may be issued in a transaction 
  • D: A SAVEPOINT does not issue a COMMIT
  • E: Rolling back to a SAVEPOINT can undo a DELETE statement

Question 10
Which three functions are performed by dispatchers in a shared server configuration? (Choose three.)

  • A: writing inbound request to the common request queue from all shared server connections
  • B: checking for outbound shared server responses on the common outbound response queue
  • C: receiving inbound requests from processes using shared server connections
  • D: sending each connection input request to the appropriate shared server input queue
  • E: broadcasting shared server session responses back to requesters on all connections
  • F: sending shared server session responses back to requesters on the appropriate connection



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