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Exam Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations
Number 1z0-1085
File Name Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations.1z0-1085.2020-04-30.1e.57q.vcex
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Posted April 30, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What three policies are part of the OCI identity management service 

  • A: Policies
  • B: Compute instances 
  • C: Roles 
  • D: Regional subnets 
  • E: Vcn 
  • F: Users
  • G: Dynamic groups

Question 2
A banking platform has been re-designed to a micro services-based architecture using docker container for deployment. Which service can you use to deploy containers on OCI? 

  • A: Streaming service 
  • B: API gateway 
  • C: Container engine for kubernetics
  • D: File storage service 

Question 3
What should you use to distribute traffic between a set of web server? 

  • A: Internet gateway 
  • B: Load balancer
  • C: Autoscaling 
  • D: Dynamic routing gateway 

Question 4
Which two are enabled by OCI fault domains? 

  • A: Protect against unexpected hardware or power supply failures
  • B: Build replicated systems for disaster recovery 
  • C: To mitigate the risk of large scale events such as earthquake 
  • D: To meet requirements for legal jurisdictions 
  • E: Protect against planned hardware maintenance

Question 5
Which feature allows you to logically group and isolate your OCI services 

  • A: Identity and access management groups 
  • B: Availability domains 
  • C: Compartments 
  • D: Tenancy 

Question 6
Which is the key benefit of using OCI autonomous database warehouse 

  • A: Maintain root level access to the underlying OS 
  • B: Scale both CPU and storage without downtime 
  • C: Apply database patches as they become available
  • D: No username and password required 

Question 7
In what 2 ways does the OCI offer industry leading price performance. 

  • A: OCI backs performance claims with service level agreements
  • B: OCI leverages advanced encryption that results in fast performance 
  • C: OCI hypervisor provides industry leading performance 
  • D: OCI does not over subscribe CPU, but only memory 
  • E: OCI, pricing is low and predictable across all regions and services

Question 8
OCI budgets can be set on which 2 options 

  • A: Free-form tags 
  • B: Tenancy 
  • C: cost-tracking tags
  • D: VCN 
  • E: Compartments

Question 9
Which service level agreement type is NOT offered by OCI compute service 

  • A: Application plane
  • B: Data plane 
  • C: Performance 
  • D: Control plane 

Question 10
Which 2 security capabilities are offered by OCI 

  • A: Key management service
  • B: Captcha 
  • C: Always on data encryption for data at rest
  • D: Managed active directory service 
  • E: Certificate management service 



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