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Exam Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-988
File Name Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials.testking.1z0-988.2019-03-27.1e.41q.vcex
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Posted March 27, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are writing an order release agent and need to listen for an order modification event triggered by an integration update to the order release. What is the impact to the agent process if you set the “before persist” flag on the ORDER – MODIFIED event?

  • A: OTM will not persist the new data but will perform the agent actions as long as they do not require persisting the new data.
  • B: OTM stages the new data, will perform the agent actions, will not allow you to use certain actions.
  • C: OTM will perform the agent actions but will not persist any changes to the object.
  • D: OTM will persist the new data immediately after the agent is triggered and then perform the agent actions.
  • E: OTM stages the new data but will not perform the agent actions of the data is not persisted properly.

Question 2
Identify two correct statements about Contacts. (Choose two.)

  • A: Contacts are mandatory on Location records.
  • B: Contacts are people, but not systems.
  • C: Contacts are people or systems you want to send communications to.
  • D: Contacts can be associated with Locations.

Question 3

View the exhibit. Bob is a user in the “3PL COMPANY” domain and has been assigned the “Admin” User Role ID. 
What must you do to make sure that Bob has the authority to view and plan all the orders from all the Client domains shown?

  • A: Create a Role in the 3PL COMPANY domain that has at least “Default” authority, and use OTM’s GRANTS to assign Bob’s user ID in each of the Client domains.
  • B: Use OTM’s VPD to assign Bob’s user ID in each of the Client domains.
  • C: Do nothing, because Bob will automatically be authorized to plan all of the orders.
  • D: Create a Role in each of the Client domains with the same name, and add Bob’s user ID to the Role.
  • E: Use OTM’s to add Bob to the Planner Role in the 3PL COMPANY domain.

Question 4
Which three statements are true when configuring allocation rules for OTM Freight Payment? (Choose three.)

  • A: For a service provider, one can assign one allocation rule based on the planned cost and another based on the actual cost.
  • B: One cannot use the same rule in more than one allocation rule profile.
  • C: Allocation rules need to be set up before the allocation rule profiles.
  • D: The allocation rules in the profile can be sequenced in the allocation rule profile.
  • E: OTM uses the first allocation rule that applies.

Question 5
When a new Service Provider is created, OTM automatically does which of the following?

  • A: OTM creates a corresponding LOCATION, with the location Role of “CARRIER”.
  • B: OTM sends an email or fax to the Service Provider contact, depending on the contact’s preferred contact method.
  • C: OTM assigns the default Calendar defined in the Parameter Set.
  • D: OTM associates the Service Provider calendar with the calendar of the CORPORATION ID identified during setup.

Question 6
What must you do in order to export data from the CONTACT table, so that the data only includes contacts with email addresses ending with “”?

  • A: Export the data first, and then use software such as MS Excel, MS Access, or direct SQL to filter the data.
  • B: Use the “Where” clause on the CSV Export screen to specify the “” qualifier.
  • C: Create a CSVUTIL file that specifies the “” qualifier.
  • D: The CSV utility is useful for managing large amounts of data, but is not capable of filtering data during the export process.

Question 7
What does enabling “Restriction” on the Agent Header screen do?

  • A: It allows the user to restrict which OTM objects can initiate the agent.
  • B: It allows the user to set whether the agent is active, inactive, or a reference agent.
  • C: It allows the user to restrict whether the agent can be initiated by user actions, system actions, or integration actions.
  • D: It allows the user to restrict who can view or edit the agent.

Question 8
Select the three businesses objects that can be manage using the Fleet Management module. (Choose three.)

  • A: Fleet power units
  • B: Fleet equipment
  • C: Driver payroll
  • D: Driver work hours
  • E: Driver time off, sick time, vacations, etc.

Question 9
You have created an agent that is supposed to generate an alert whenever an Order Release is created. Alerts are generated when an Order Release is created using OTM’s UI screens, but not when the orders come into OTM via integration. Where should you look within the agent configuration settings to troubleshoot and resolve this problem?

  • A: Saved Conditions
  • B: Restrictions
  • C: Threshold ID
  • D: User Role
  • E: Data Type Association

Question 10
If a Rate Record and a Rate Offering are configured with conflicting values in the same data elements, how does OTM address this?

  • A: OTM’s planning engine will run the solver for both settings, but only consider the least cost result.
  • B: Such a conflict cannot exist in OTM.
  • C: The Rate Offering will take priority over the Rate Record configuration.
  • D: The Rate Record will take priority over the Rate Offering configuration.
  • E: During planning, the user will have the option of indicating if OTM should prioritize either the Rate Offering or the Rate Record setting.



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