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Exam Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
Number EX300
File Name Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE).Train4sure.EX300.2018-02-01.1e.40q.vcex
Size 646 Kb
Posted February 01, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Cofigure SELINUX  
Modify the state of selinux to Enforcing mode  
Use VIM /etc/selinux

  • A: See Explanation

Question 2
Configure the SSH Access as required: 
Users can visit your two virtual machine systems via clients of domain through SSH remote 

  • A: See Explanation

Question 3
Custom User Environment 
Create a custom command on system1 and system2 named as qstat, this custome command will execute the following commands: 
/bin/ps - Ao pid,tt,user,fname,rsz 
This command is valid for all users in the system

  • A: See Explanation

Question 4
Configure port forwarding on the system1, as required: 
1. Systems in the network, local port 5423 will be ported to 80 when visiting system1  
This setting must be valid permanently

  • A: See Explanation

Question 5
Configure the Link Aggreation 
Configure a link between systeml. and system2. as required: 
This link use interface eth1 and eth  
This link still can work when one interface failed  
This link use the following address in systeml  
This link use the following address in in system2  
This link remains normal after the system is restarted 

  • A: See Explanation

Question 6
Configure interface eth0 on your test system, using the following IPV6 addresses:
system1 address should be: 2003 :  acl8 : :  305/64
system2 address should be: 2003 :  acl8 : : 30a/64
Both the two systems must can communicate with systems in network 2003 :  acl8/64
Addresses must be valid after the restart
Both the two systems must keep the current IPV4 address and can communicate

  • A: See Explanation

Question 7
Configure the local mail service 
Configure the mail service on system1 and system2, as required: 
These systems do not accept external send mails  
Any mails sent locally are automatically routed to  
Mails sent from these systems will be displayed from 
You can send mail to local user ‘authur’ to test your configuration system  
Have already configured to transfer this user’s mails to the following URL

  • A: See Explanation

Question 8
Share directories via SMB 
Configure the SMB service on the system1  
Your SMB server must be a member of the work group STAFF  
Share /common and share name must be common  
Only clients of can access the common share  
Common must be able to browse  
User andy must be able to read the content of the share, if necessary, verfication code is redhat

  • A: See Explanation

Question 9
Configure Multi-User Mount  
Share the directory /devops through SMB on the systeml, as required: 
Share name is devops  
The shared directory devops just can be used by clients in  
The shared directory devop must be able to be browsed  
User silene must can be able to access this share through read, access code is redhat 
User akira must can be able to access this share through read and write, access code is redhat  
This share permanently mount to system2. the user /mnt/dev, make user silene as authentication any users can get temporary write permissions from akira

  • A: See Explanation

Question 10
Mount a NFS Share  
Mount a NFS share to on the system2, as required: 
Mount the /public to the directory /mnt/nfsmount  
Mount the /protected to the directory /mnt/nfssecure, in a security way, key download URL: 
User deepak can creat files on /mnt/nfssecure/project  
These file systemes automatically hang up when the system is started

  • A: See Explanation



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