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Exam Apex and Visualforce Controllers
Number DEV-501
File Name Apex and Visualforce Controllers.vceplus.DEV-501.2019-03-10.1e.186q.vcex
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Posted March 10, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The email publisher lets support agents who use Case Feed compose and send email messages to customers. You can customize this publisher to support email templates and attachments. This component can only be used in organizations that have Case Feed and Email-to-Case enabled. Ext JS versions less than 3 should not be included on pages that use this component.

  • A: apex:pageBlock
  • B: apex:define
  • C: apex:component
  • D: apex:emailPublisher

Question 2
An area of a Visualforce page that demarcates which components should be processed by the server when an AJAX request is generated. Only the components in the body of the <apex:actionRegion> are processed by the server, thereby increasing the performance of the page.

  • A: apex:outputLabel
  • B: apex:actionRegion
  • C: apex:facet
  • D: apex:emailPublisher

Question 3
A link that executes an action defined by a controller, and then either refreshes the current page, or navigates to a different page based on the PageReference variable that is returned by the action. An <apex:commandLink> component must always be a child of an <apex:form> component.
To add request parameters to an <apex:commandLink>, use nested <apex:param> components.

  • A: apex:dataList
  • B: apex:enhancedList
  • C: apex:commandLink
  • D: apex:include

Question 4
A timer that sends an AJAX update request to the server according to a time interval that you specify. The update request can then result in a full or partial page update. You should avoid using this component with enhanced lists.

  • A: apex:dataList
  • B: apex:actionPoller
  • C: apex:inlineEditSupport
  • D: apex:image

Question 5
A single column in a table. An <apex:column> component must always be a child of an <apex:dataTable> or <apex:pageBlockTable> component.
Note that if you specify an sObject field as the value attribute for an <apex:column>, the associated label for that field is used as the column header by default. To override this behavior, use the headerValue attribute on the column, or the column's header facet.

  • A: apex:inputField
  • B: apex:column
  • C: apex:inputText
  • D: apex:insert

Question 6
An HTML input element of type hidden, that is, an input element that is invisible to the user. Use this component to pass variables from page to page.

  • A: apex:inputHidden
  • B: apex:actionPoller
  • C: apex:pageBlockSectionItem
  • D: apex:enhancedList

Question 7
This tag acts as a placeholder for your dynamic Apex components. It has one required parameter—component Value—which accepts the name of an Apex method that returns a dynamic component. 
The following Visualforce components do not have dynamic Apex representations: 
Any non-<apex:> tag, like <chatter:>, <flow:>, <ideas:>, <knowledge:>, <messaging:>, or <site:>

  • A: apex:dynamicComponent
  • B: apex:dataList
  • C: apex:actionSupport
  • D: apex:insert

Question 8
A data series to be rendered as connected points in a Visualforce chart. At a minimum you must specify the fields in the data collection to use as X and Y values for each point, as well as the X and Y axes to scale against. 
Note: This component must be enclosed within an <apex:chart> component. You can have multiple <apex:barSeries> and <apex:lineSeries> components in a single chart.

  • A: apex:pageblockSection
  • B: apex:inputHidden
  • C: apex:lineSeries
  • D: apex:inputSecret

Question 9
A template component that declares a named area that must be defined by an <apex:define> component in another Visualforce page. Use this component with the <apex:composition> and <apex:define> components to share data between multiple pages.

  • A: apex:outputText
  • B: apex:barSeries
  • C: apex:insert
  • D: apex:inputFile

Question 10
Defines tooltips which appear on mouse over of data series elements. This component offers more configuration options than the default tooltips displayed by setting the tips attribute of a data series component to true. 
Note: This component must be enclosed by a data series component (<apex:barSeries>, <apex:lineSeries>, or <apex:pieSeries>).

  • A: apex:actionSupport
  • B: apex:componentBody
  • C: apex:actionFunction
  • D: apex:chartTips



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