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Exam Administration of Symantec IT Management Suite 8.1
Number 250-439
File Name Administration of Symantec IT Management Suite 8-1.PracticeTest.250-439.2019-10-22.1e.33q.vcex
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Posted October 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
How can an administrator achieve greater efficiency and consistency when deploying multiple Managed Software Delivery policies to endpoints?

  • A: Configure and run the Software Portal Settings policy to update existing Managed Software Delivery policies with default settings
  • B: Configure the Software Catalog Item task to specify standardized settings for newly created Managed Software Delivery policies
  • C: Update the Managed Delivery Settings policy to define standard default settings for new Managed Delivery policies
  • D: Enable the Software Product Recalculation Schedule task to update existing Managed Software Delivery policies with predefined settings

Question 2
An administrator needs to quickly deploy Windows 7 to several new computers without pre-configured operating systems. The administrator decides to use an existing Ghost image since the necessary drivers have already been added to the DeployAnywhere database. The Network Boot Services configuration is set to respond only to known computers. 
How should the administrator proceed?

  • A: Configure NBS to respond to a known list of MAC addresses and deploy the images only to the new systems.
  • B: Deploy an Automation Folder to the new computers to prepare them for imaging.
  • C: Import the list of new computers into the Management Console and assign an imaging task.
  • D: Use an Initial Deployment Event to distribute the image as the computers boot to the network.

Question 3
Which component of IT Management Suite 8.1 can an administrator use for management of both Windows and Mac OS X based computers?

  • A: Deployment Solution
  • B: Monitor Solution
  • C: Workspace Virtualization
  • D: Real Time System Manager

Question 4
A corporate president has decided to centralize management of operating system updates after a virus spread through the corporate network. The president requires the ability to create reports about which updates have been deployed, which updates are still needed, and other information that will demonstrate the security of the network. 
Which two (2) features of IT Management Suite 8.1 provide all of the required functionality? (Choose two.)

  • A: IT Analytics
  • B: Patch Management Solution
  • C: Software Management Solution
  • D: Inventory Solution
  • E: Monitor Solution

Question 5
An administrator needs to configure a policy that specifies the scheduled time and duration of when an operation can be performed on a managed computer. 
Which policy should the administrator use?

  • A: Agent Registration policy
  • B: Global Agent Settings policy
  • C: Maintenance Window policy
  • D: Targeted Agent Settings policy

Question 6
Which object can an administrator add to an organizational group?

  • A: User
  • B: Report
  • C: Policy
  • D: Data class

Question 7
An administrator is in the process of defining roles within the Symantec Management Console. The administrator adds a user to a Security Role. The user can see the list of reports but cannot execute them. 
What must the administrator do in order for the user to be able to execute the reports?

  • A: Configure SQL database privileges for the role.
  • B: Configure Notification Server permissions for the role.
  • C: Configure SQL database permissions for the role.
  • D: Configure Notification Server privileges for the role.

Question 8
An administrator notices a large amount of task traffic within the environment. The administrator decides to implement secondary site servers to alleviate task traffic congestion. There are three sites that each have 5,000 managed computers. The administrator has two servers and three old desktops each running Windows Server 2012 to use as site servers. 
What should the administrator do to accommodate the different hardware types?

  • A: Configure sites and subnets to instruct the managed computers to leverage a specific Task Server
  • B: Set the desktop site servers as unconstrained while leaving the server-based site servers as constrained
  • C: Create a task settings policy to limit the number of clients the desktop site servers can accommodate
  • D: Set the server-based site servers as unconstrained, while leaving the desktop site servers as constrained

Question 9
Which agent policy includes tickle and power management settings, package multicast settings, authentication settings, and event capture settings?

  • A: Targeted Agent Settings policy
  • B: Global Agent Settings policy 
  • C: Maintenance Window policy
  • D: Agent Registration policy

Question 10
Which action does the Symantec Management Agent perform when it receives a tickle packet?

  • A: It requests a policy update from the Notification Server.
  • B: It sends its list of package download locations to the Package Server.
  • C: It requests task information from a Task Server.
  • D: It sends basic inventory information to the Notification Server.



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