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Exam Associate VMware Digital Workspace
Number 1V0-61.21
File Name Associate VMware End-User Computing.VCEPlus.1V0-61.21.2022-06-24.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted June 24, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Where would an Administrator configure Virtual Apps to be accessed through Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub?

  • A: Workspace ONE Access
  • B: Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
  • C: VMware Horizon Console
  • D: Workspace ONE UFM

Question 2
Which two VMware products are required to deploy instant clones in the VMware Horizon platform?
(Choose two.)

  • A: vSAN
  • B: App Volumes
  • C: vCenter Server
  • D: DEM
  • E: ESXi Server

Question 3
Which VMware- Digital Workspace component enables administrators to integrate Workspaces ONE UEM with the organization's on-premises SMTP email system so that Workspace ONE UEM can send emails to managed devices?

  • A: Secure Email Gateway
  • B: Workspace ONE Access Connector
  • C: Unified Access Gateway
  • D: AirWatch Cloud Connector

Question 4
Which Feature of Workspace ONE Content Delivery Network reduces bandwidth requirements, server load, and improves the client response times?

  • A: peer-to-peer
  • B: server caches
  • C: reverse proxies
  • D: web caches

Question 5
Which VMware Digital Workspace components provides a unified and user-centric approach to managing and securing an endpoint from a single platform?

  • A: VMware vSphere
  • B: Workspace ONE Access
  • C: Workspace ONE UEM
  • D: VMware Horizon

Question 6
An administrate in configuring a rule for access policy in Workspace ONE Access.
Which three settings can be configured to manage user access to the unified access portal? (Choose three.)

  • A: Application Category
  • B: Device Type
  • C: Authentication Type
  • D: Network Range
  • E: Rule Schedule  

Question 7
Which application is used by end users to view application assignments from both UCM and Access on their mobile device?

  • A: Launcher
  • B: Boxer
  • C: Workspace ONE
  • D: Intelligent Hub

Question 8
What is the VMware recommended resource for official release notes and documentations for VMware Workspace ONE products?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 9
Which VMware Digital Workspace product enables administrators to manage and secure user access to an organization's email without managing the user's device?

  • A: Assist
  • B: Boxer
  • C: Tunnel
  • D: Content

Question 10
Which tab would an administrator select m the VMware- Dynamic Environment Manager console to define the settings to capture for a specific application?

  • A: Condition Sets
  • B: Personalization
  • C: Applications  
  • D: User Environment



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