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Exam VMware Professional NSX-T Data Center 2.4
Number 2V0-41.19
File Name VMware Professional NSX-T Data Center 2-4.PracticeTest.2V0-41.19.2019-10-11.1e.33q.vcex
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Posted October 11, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which CLI command is used to start the NSX Manager virtual machine in the KVM environment?

  • A: virsh start <NSX-Manager-Name> 
  • B: virsh poweron <nsx-manager-name>
  • C: virsh poweron <nsx-manager-ID>
  • D: virsh start <NSX-Manager-ID>

Question 2
What are the supported N-VDS modes?

  • A: DPDK Datapath
  • B: Enhanced Datapath
  • C: Overlay Datapath
  • D: Standard Datapath
  • E: Secure Datapath

Question 3

A NSX-T Data Center administrator wants to ensure that any machine on a public network can communicate with a Web VM running in a NSX-T Data Center 
Which NAT type must be created on the Tier-0 or Tier-1 Gateway to achieve this?

  • A: 1:1 NAT
  • B: Reverse NAT
  • C: DNAT
  • D: SNAT

Question 4
An NSX administrator created a Segment from the Simplified UI and wants to find the Replication Mode configured on the Segment. 
Which NSX CLI command lists the Replication mode?

  • A: get logical-switches
  • B: get logical-switch <Logical-switch-UUID>
  • C: get logical-switch <Local-Switch-UUID> status
  • D: get logical-switch status

Question 5
What is the most restrictive NSX-T built-in role which allow a user to apply configuration changes on a NSX Edge?

  • A: Network Operator
  • B: Network Engineer
  • C: Cloud Service Administrator
  • D: NSX Administrator 

Question 6
What are three NSX Manager roles? (Choose three.)

  • A: zookeeper
  • B: manager
  • C: policy
  • D: controller
  • E: cloud
  • F: master

Question 7
Which network tool cloud an administrator use on an ESXi 6.7 host to capture packets when troubleshooting connectivity issues?

  • A: Wireshark
  • B: pktcap-uw 
  • C: net-stats
  • D: tcpdump

Question 8
Which three hardware-based offloads provide maximum performance for physical network interface cards? (Choose three.)

  • A: Netfilter Flow Offload (NFO)
  • B: Priority Flow Control (PFC)
  • C: Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
  • D: TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO)
  • E: Source Route Bridging (SRB)
  • F: Large Receive Offload (LRO)

Question 9
Which two commands could be used on an ESXI transport node to validate connectivity to the NSX Manager? (Choose two.)

  • A: nsxcli --cmd get manager status
  • B: esxcli network ip connection list I grep rabbitmq
  • C: nsxcli --cmd get managers
  • D: nsxcli --cmd get manager connectivity status 
  • E: esxcli network ip connection list I grep 5671

Question 10
Which two statements describe the characteristics of the Services Router (SR) component of a Tier-0 Gateway? (Choose two.)

  • A: Edge cluster is mandatory for SR to be created.
  • B: SR can exist on both hypervisor transport nodes and Edge transport nodes.
  • C: SR is automatically created when stateful services are enabled.
  • D: Edge transport nodes are required for SR to be created.
  • E: SR can be created from the NSX Advanced Networking & Security tab in the UI.



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