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Exam VMware Certified Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization
Number 2V0-622
File Name VMWare.braindumps.2V0-622.2018-05-21.1e.101q.vcex
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Posted May 21, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two types of iSCSI adapters require VMkernel networking configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A: dependent hardware
  • B: in-guest
  • C: software
  • D: independent hardware

Question 2
What counter should an administrator check to determine if a virtual machine is ballooning?

  • A: swapinRate
  • B: vmmemctltarget
  • C: swapped
  • D: vmmemctl

Question 3
Which two statements are true for NFS v4.1 firewall behavior? (Choose two.)

  • A: It closes port 2049.
  • B: It sets allowed. All flag to TRUE.
  • C: It sets allowed. All flag to FALSE.
  • D: It opens port 2049.

Question 4
By default, how often is the vCenter vpx user password automatically changed?

  • A: 15 days
  • B: 60 days
  • C: 30 days
  • D: 45 days

Question 5
Which metric in the Exhibit would identify high latency for a storage device? 


  • A: QAVG/cmd
  • B: KAVG/cmd
  • C: DAVG/cmd
  • D: GAVG/cmd

Question 6
What VM Monitoring setting would ensure that the failure interval for a virtual machine is defined as 120 seconds?

  • A: High
  • B: Normal
  • C: Low
  • D: Medium

Question 7
A vSphere Administrator attempts to enable Fault Tolerance for a virtual machine but receives the following error:
Secondary VM could not be powered on as there are no compatible hosts that can accommodate it. 
What two options could cause this error? (Choose two.)

  • A: The other ESXi host(s) are in Maintenance Mode.
  • B: Hardware virtualization is not enabled on the other ESXi host(s).
  • C: The other ESXi host(s) are in Quarantine Mode.
  • D: Hardware MMU is enabled on the other ESXi host(s).

Question 8
The business managers have asked the IT administrator to ensure configuration compliance in the vSphere infrastructure. The IT administrator wants to use Host Profiles to accomplish this, but is unable to do so. 
Why is the administrator unable to use Host Profiles?

  • A: The infrastructure uses a vSphere Standard license.
  • B: The infrastructure has servers with various CPU families.
  • C: The user has only the “Administrator” role.
  • D: Host Profiles apply only to storage settings.

Question 9
What is the result of a “Consolidate” action on a virtual machine?

  • A: All snapshots on the virtual machines will be deleted.
  • B: The virtual machine will be reverted to its last snapshot.
  • C: Redundant delta disks will be combined and deleted.
  • D: A new snapshot with memory state will be created.

Question 10
A Telco customer is implementing NFV using vSphere as the virtualization platform. 
Which feature can help achieve a high packet rate with lower CPU consumption?

  • A: Network I/O Control
  • B: SplitRX
  • D: LACP



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