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Exam Code: PCM
Exam Name: Professional Certified Marketer
Date: Mar 18, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
LockIt, a manufacturer of electronic safes, accounts for 5% of the safes sold in the U.S. LockIt's current business strategy is aimed at selling better-quality products at higher prices than competitors. The higher prices make LockIt one of the leaders in terms of revenue earned. Having satisfied initial objectives of earning a certain ROI, LockIt sets a target of accounting for 25% of the units sold during the next financial year. To further this goal, LockIt introduces a line of lower-priced safes that are priced below similar competing products. LockIt's new pricing strategy is _____.
  1. sales oriented
  2. profit oriented
  3. customer oriented
  4. supplier oriented
  5. competitor oriented
Correct answer: A
Question 2
Port, an OEM of computer hardware, accounts for 6% of the computer hardware sold in the U.S. Retailers uses hardware from OEMs like Port to assemble personal computers. Owing to the competitive nature of the industry, Port's pricing is uniform with offerings from other manufacturers. The rise and fall in pricing is dictated more by the rise and fall in prices of raw material, labor, and utilities across the industry. Port's pricing strategy is focused on _____.
  1. competitive parity
  2. target profits
  3. maximizing profits
  4. target returns
  5. market shares
Correct answer: A
Question 3
When firms collude to set prices for products, it is referred to as _____.
  1. price discrimination
  2. price fixing
  3. predatory pricing
  4. tying arrangements
  5. exclusive dealing
Correct answer: B

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