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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 3301
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Contact Center Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Date: Feb 22, 2019
File Size: 39 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
In Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC), how do you create auto responses that address the most commonly received e-mail queries?
  1. Run ,1 "Contacts is Closed by Auto Suggestion, top 5" historical report from the "Multimedia" folder in Historical Reporting on the Contact Center  Manager Administration (CCMA) server, and auto suggestion keywords and responses from the report  to create new e-mail auto-respect.
  2. Enable "Keyword Reporting" for e-mail contacts in the "E mail" tool in Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) Administration, then use the "Keyword Frequency" tool to determine which keywords would be used to trigger new auto-responses.
  3. Run a "Contact Summary" report in Historical Reporting on the CCMA server and create auto-responses based on the most frequently-occurring e-mail contact topics in the report.
  4. Use the "Auto-Suggest Promotion" tool in CCMM Administration to promote auto-suggestions auto-responses based on the percentage of contacts for which each auto-suggestion was selected.
Correct answer: D
Question 2
While Investigating an Issue with an Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) Contact Center Manager (CCMS), you discover that the Task Flow Executor (TFE) frequently restarts. In an effort to discover the cause of the restarts, you decide to review the TFE log file. 
Which file contains the most recent TFE logs?
  1. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\TFE 1.log
  2. D:\Avaya\l_ogs\CCMS_TFF 1.log
  3. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS_TFE_5.log
  4. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\CCMS_TFE_1.log
Correct answer: C
Question 3
Where are current SIP messages logged by Contact Center Manager Server?
  1. C:\Avaya\logs\CCMS\SipMessages0
  2. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\SGM\SipMessages0
  3. D:\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\CCMS_SGM_SipMessages0
  4. F:\Traces\Avaya\Logs\CCMS\SGM\SipMessagesO
Correct answer: C
Question 4
In the Avaya Aura Contract Center (AACC) SIP environment, when a call is presented to an agent’s telephone, the Avaya Aura Agent Desktop (AAAD) also alerts the agent to the incoming call. The call may be answered either via the telephone or AAAD. 
If the agent uses the AAAD to answer the call, which protocol is used between AACC and the switch to signal off-hook?
  1. CCT
  2. SIP RTP
  3. TAPI
  4. TR87
Correct answer: A
Question 5
An agent is configured to handle e-mail multimedia contacts. The agent is able to receive, read, and reply to e-mails using the Avaya Aura Agent Desktop (AAAD). However, the agent cannot open attachments in inbound e-mails. 
What is a possible cause of this problem?
  1. The agent’s web browser is not set for the correct character encoding.
  2. .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 is not installed on the agent’s computer.
  3. Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser on the agent’s computer.
  4. The agent has not been granted “open E-mail Attachments” rights in Contract Center multimedia (CCMM).
Correct answer: A
Question 6
The C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file on the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) contains multiple entries for each host. You have removed the duplicate entries by manually editing the file.
What should you do next to completely resolve the issue?
  1. Run the Server Configuration utility, save and apply all changes, then reboot the CCMS server.
  2. Reboot the CCMS server.
  3. Use the windows services utility to restart the MAS Configuration manager services.
  4. Run the CCMS network Configuration utility, save and apply all changes, then reboot the CCMS server.
Correct answer: C
Question 7
At an elevated level, engineers have designed the architecture ol SH' around ttv<> varlel les of component s. 
Which SIP component is comprised of two subcomponents, where one component initiates SIP the other component responds to requests?
  1. User Agent
  2. SIP Gateway Manager
  3. Back to-Back User Ag
  4. SIP Server
  5. SIP Gateway
Correct answer: A
Question 8
Avaya Aura Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) is host to the Contact Center Security framework certificate Store. In the procedure to Create a Certificate Store, once the store is created is also created. 
A characteristic of this certificate is that it contains__________.
  1. a private key that is used in private - public key encryption
  2. a public key that is used in public - public key encryption
  3. a private key that is used in private - private key encryption
  4. a public key that is used in private - private key encryption
Correct answer: C
NOTE: This question is incomplete and I am unable to find the complete text for this question.
NOTE: This question is incomplete and I am unable to find the complete text for this question.
Question 9
Which SIP component supports both H.323 and SIP protocol architecture, and which common media streaming protocol is supported?
  1. SIP Gateway Manager with transport Layer Security (TLS)
  2. Network Routing Service with TCP and UDP
  3. Back to Back User Agent (B2BUA) with TLS
  4. SIP Gateway with Real-Time Protocol (RTP)
  5. SIP Redirect Server with RTP
Correct answer: D
Question 10
Your department has installed a backup utility client application on your co-resident Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) server. This utility uses port 10000 for network communications. After installing the utility and rebooting the server, you begin to have issued with the Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) system. 
What are the symptoms of this problem that you experience?
  1. The TFE service fails to start and calls are not processed.
  2. The Toolkit Name service fails to start and agents appear as "UNKNOWN" in real-time displays.
  3. The NCCT service fails to start and agents are unable to log in via the Avaya Aura Agent Desktop) (AAAD).
  4. SymposiumWC.exe fails to start and supervisors are unable to log in to Contact Center Manager Administrator (CCMA).
Correct answer: B

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