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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 7303
Exam Name: Avaya CallPilot Implementation
Date: Jul 23, 2018
File Size: 26 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
A technician is upgrading a 2011 to Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0. The image installs but the system hangs when booting into Windows 2003. Which two items should be checked? (Choose two.)
  1. The BIOS has been upgraded to 6.0.3.
  2. The keyboard and mouse are plugged in correctly.
  3. The external CD-ROM and Tape drive are connected.
  4. The BIOS option for Operating System type is set to 'other'.
Correct answer: AD
Question 2
A company has decided to install an Avaya CallPilot 1005 server at their new office location to deliver multimedia messaging functionality to their employees. They will be using Fax and Desktop Messaging applications. A technician has been tasked with installing the new Avaya CallPilot server. What should the Automatic updates settings be set to?
  1. Automatic (recommended)
  2. Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them
  3. Notify me but don't automatically download or install them
  4. Turn off Automatic Updates
Correct answer: A
Question 3
A technician observes the following error on a 1006r. 
“Adapter 1 Channel 1 Target 6:  Status of Power Supply #2=0x80: Unknown status, or Status Not Reportable"
Which action should be performed?
  1. Reseat and/or replace Power Supply #2.
  2. Contact an electrician to investigate.
  3. Ensure the alarm monitor cable is properly connected.
  4. The error is self-correcting and no action is required.
Correct answer: A
Question 4
A company is running Communication Server l000E RIs. 6.0 software with a l005r Avaya CallPilot installed at that headquarters in London. The Avaya CallPilot installation has been completed and the CS1000E has been correctly configured. Which command and overlay is used to confirm that the AML link between the Avaya CallPilot and the CS1000E is fully operational?
  1. LD 11 - STAT Loop Shelf Card of the MGATE Card
  2. LD 48 - STAT ELAN
  3. LD 117 - STAT ELNK
  4. ID 22 - STAT AML
Correct answer: B
Question 5
The Avaya CallPilot server comes pre-loaded with Windows Server 2003 and Avaya CallPilot Manager. A technician has installed a new Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 system and has logged on to the server for the first time to begin server configuration. Which wizard rechecks for platform and software validity, and then, if performing an upgrade or platform migration, upgrades and restores the existing data?
  1. Setup Wizard
  2. Upgrade Wizard
  3. Configuration Wizard
  4. Windows Server 2003 Wizard
Correct answer: A
Question 6
An administrator cannot login to Avaya CallPilot Manager from the login web page. A technician has confirmed that the administrator is entering their correct mailbox number and password and that their mailbox is not disabled. What should be checked?
  1. that the user's PC is running Internet Information Server (IIS)
  2. that the Server Held contains the correct server name for the Avaya CallPilot system
  3. that the Location field contains the correct server name for the Avaya CallPilot system
  4. that the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option is turned on because passwords can only be passed over SSL
Correct answer: D
Question 7
A customer installing Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 has determined that they require access to Avaya CallPilot Application Builder tor several system administrators. Which installation option for Application Builder is correct?
  1. Install Application Builder on the Avaya Call Pilot server.
  2. Install Application Builder on a dedicated IIS Web server.
  3. Application Builder on any PC to be used for Avaya CallPilot system administration.
  4. Install Application Builder on the standalone Web server with Avaya CallPilot Manager and Avaya CallPilot Reporter.
Correct answer: C
Question 8
Which two Avaya CallPilot Manager configurations are valid? (Choose two.)
  1. Avaya CallPilot Manager installed on the Avaya CallPilot server
  2. Avaya CallPilot Manager installed on the administrator's PC
  3. Avaya CallPilot Manager installed on a standalone Web server
  4. Avaya CallPilot Manager installed on the Avaya CallPilot server with Reporter
Correct answer: AC
Question 9
Which software is required before installing Avaya CallPilot Manager on a Stand-alone Web server?
  1. PC Anywhere
  2. Sybase Database
  3. Java Runtime Environment
  4. Internet Information Server (IIS)
Correct answer: D
Question 10
A technician is preparing to set up and install an Avaya CallPilot RIs.5.0 system. Which two rules that apply to grounding requirements? (Choose two.)
  1. All equipment grounds must use single-point ground topology.
  2. Any ground in the building is acceptable.
  3. The grounds for all equipment must be alt ached to the building steel.
  4. The DC resistance between the equipment and building grounds must very close to zero.
Correct answer: AD

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