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Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 7765X
Exam Name: Avaya Workforce Optimization Select Implementation and Support Exam
Date: Jun 19, 2018
File Size: 20 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
Where can the Calibration task that have been assigned to Quality Analyst be viewed?
  1. Evaluate > My Assignments
  2. Calibrations
  3. View Evaluations
  4. Evaluate > Adhoc Evaluations
Correct answer: B
Reference: (94)
Reference: (94)
Question 2
In which three scenarios is ‘Settings link under Profile drop down’ hidden? (Choose three.)
  1. when the users account is locked by administrators
  2. when the Changeable option is not enabled under Password Policy
  3. when users do not have access to Profile Settings manage permissions
  4. when Password Policy is made inactive
  5. when Use LDAP authentication is enabled
Correct answer: ACE
Question 3
Where can the health of all the key services of Avaya Workforce Optimization Select be monitored?
  1. Notifications
  2. Log Manager
  3. Alert Manager
  4. Asset details in Tenant Administration
Correct answer: A
Question 4
Which two ways can the Privileges for a set of employees be modified, without disturbing the privileges defined for other employees belonging to the same Role? (Choose two.)
  1. Modify privileges for each employee.
  2. Create a role with a new set of privileges, and associate the employees.
  3. Modify the privileges at Role level.
  4. Modify privileges for the selected employees in bulk.
Correct answer: BD
Question 5
How can a user automate the process of assigning evaluation tasks for specific weekday(s)/ week?
  1. by setting up an evaluation plan
  2. by modifying the application that randomly decides the weekday
  3. by changing the distribution pool
  4. by clearing all Adhoc evaluations
Correct answer: A
Question 6
Which two ACD integrations are allowed with IP Office? (Choose two.)
  1. Avaya Aura Contact Center
  2. Avaya Contact Center Select
  3. Avaya IP Office Contact Center
  4. Avaya Call Center Elite
Correct answer: CD
Question 7
What is required to generate encryptions/decryption keys?
  1. OpenSSL
  2. TLSv1.0
  3. OpenSSH
  4. RSA encryption
Correct answer: A
Reference: (45)
Reference: (45)
Question 8
For IP Office/ACCS, which components have to be configured in system management to record calls?
  1. TAPIAdapter/AvayaAdapter/Recorder
  2. AESAdapter/AvayaAdapter/Recorder
  3. TAPIAdapter/AACCNetAdapter/Recorder
  4. AESAdapter/AvayaAdapter/AACCNetAdapter/Recorder
Correct answer: C
Question 9
With Communication Manager, what is the Avaya Workforce Optimization Select preferred type of integration?
  1. TSAPI
  2. TAPI
  3. MLS
  4. SIP
Correct answer: A
Question 10
What is the number of databases that are created in the SQL Server?
  1. 3
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 4
Correct answer: A

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