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Vendor: BCS
Exam Code: MBP18
Exam Name: BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes
Date: Jan 12, 2023
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In order to identify potential improvements, a business analyst has been asked to document the current customer sales experience in a large, electrical superstore. Whilst shadowing a customer service advisor, a sale was lost because the advisor couldn't authorise a price discount for a customer, who had seen the product advertised at a lower price by a competitor. The customer advisor tried to discount the product to match the competitor's price but was unable to do so.
The customer service advisor explained that this discounting required management approval and. unfortunately, both managers authorised to do this were on their lunch break What element of the POPII model had caused the sale to fail? 
  1. Process.
  2. People.
  3. information.
  4. Technology
Correct answer: A
Question 2
A business analyst has identified the following pattern of business activity in a process she has been asked to improve:
The following observations have been made. 
a) The handle-offs in the process are unlikely to be worthy of further investigation. 
b) The impact of bottlenecks in the tasks performed by Actor 2 should be explored. 
c) The first task of actor 1 should always be immediately after the trigger event 
d) The impact of bottlenecks in the tasks performed by Actor 3 should be explored.
Which of these observations are CORRECT?
  1. a, b and c.
  2. a, c and d.
  3. b, and d.
  4. a, and d.
Correct answer: C
Question 3
Currently, all training offered by a company is delivered through classroom-based courses. The company recognizes that there is a need to offer a broader method of instruction. Such a change will enable company to return its market share and grow its customer base.
The proposed solution, driven by the IT department, will offer courses delivered over the web and `on demand.'' this will include supported videos, games and quizzes. All courses will be accredited by examination bodies and sample exams will also be offered online. Student will be able to make online notes as needed and back these up. 10 guard against accident loss.
The following have been identified on `to-be process models:
a) Watch Video
b) Create quiz
c) Accredit course.
d) Undertake sample examination.
e) Backup
Which of these would be considered as functional requirements relating to student use of the proposed IT system?
  1. B, c and e.
  2. a and d.
  3. a, c and d.
  4. b and e.
Correct answer: B
Question 4
A new project has been commissioned within an organisation's finance department. The assigned business analyst has decided to produce a functional view model to help him understand the department's work-Modeling the functional view of the finance department is advantageous, as it does which of the following ?
  1. Clarities who reports to who in the finance department
  2. Shows how the finance department interacts with other departments
  3. Illustrates how processes work from beginning to end
  4. Explains how the finance department reacts to external events
Correct answer: C
Question 5
A company's electronic content management system was implemented last year, a business analyst has now been brought in to assess the business benefits of the system.
The analyst learnt that the project's business case was primarily built around the efficiency that paperless order processing would bring and that the project went well, but the expected business benefit have not all been realized. In the course of an investigation, it was found that the sales team are continuing to out hard copies of customer order.
Which element of POPIT did the project not fully consider?
  1. Processes.
  2. Information and Technology
  3. People.
  4. Organisation
Correct answer: D
Question 6
ACOMP buys in and then re-bands electronic products for various markets, including selling on to the selling on to other wholesales. It finds that business processes need to be adapted to new circumstances in multiple markets very quickly. Recently, ACOMP has investigated what might help it adjust its internal processes more quickly.
Which of the following would be MOST useful in helping ACOMP achieve this quick adjustment?
  1. Harmon's organizational model.
  2. The POPIT model.
  3. Value chain analysis.
  4. Standardised process modeling notation.
Correct answer: A
Question 7
A record company is implementing a new system to replace an existing legacy system. The project has challenging as the new system must be implemented before support for the existing system is withdrawn. The business users have been involved throughout the project and their confidence in the new system is high.
Which implementation approach is the LEAST appropriate in this situation?
  1. Pilot
  2. Phased
  3. Direct changeover
  4. Parallel running.
Correct answer: C
Question 8
A trainee business analyst wishes to clarify what is meant by a task level description within the business process hierarchy. Which of the following is a task level description?
  1. The customer finds the products they want on the company's website and places an order
  2. The organisation has an online channel, so customers can order directly from its website.
  3. The order is fulfilled by the company's Logistics team based at its central warehouse
  4. A Logistics team member uses a picking list to locate and pick each item on the order.
Correct answer: D
Question 9
LIoyd works as a counter supervisor in the local branch of a national bank. LIoyd is responsible for ensuring that the back's cash machine has sufficient money.
The money for the cash machine has to be from the back's cash processing center, which supplies new and good quality banknotes. The cash machines can be topped-up with cash from the tills, but the poorer quality banknotes often cause the cash machine to jam.
LIoyd has the check the machine's cash levels and place an order for new notes by 3pm for delivery the following working day.
Which is the BEST performance measure for the task Maintain cash machine level's?
  1. No orders to the cash processing center should be for cash to be used by the back tills.
  2. 100% of cash orders must be delivery by 3pm the same day.
  3. 100% of cash machine notes must be new notes.
  4. No cash machine outages are experienced due to insufficient cash or poor quality notes.
Correct answer: A
Question 10
This is a three-task extract from a model of a `Fulfil Order' process:
The steps in the Assemble Order' task are listed below, in the wrong order:
a) Get correct quality of item(S)
b) Select suitable packing materials
c) For each item on pick list
d) Take items to packing table
e) Go to bin location
f) Print picklist
What is the CORRECT order of steps in the Assemble order' task'?
  1. f, c, e, a, d, b
  2. c, a, f, e, b, d
  3. b, f, e, a, d, c
  4. f, e, a, c, b, d
Correct answer: A

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