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Vendor: CA-Technologies
Exam Code: CAT-340
Exam Name: CA Identity Manager r12.x Professional
Date: Nov 02, 2018
File Size: 17 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
In CA IdentityMinder, which self-service actions can you perform using public tasks? (Choose two) 
  1. Self-registration
  2. Modifying your profile
  3. Changing your password
  4. Resetting a forgotten password
Correct answer: AD
Question 2
Which statement about CA Identity Minder end points is TRUE?
  1. An endpoint type can only contain one instance of an endpoint.
  2. They are generally client operating system versions, such as Windows XP and Red Hat Linux.
  3. An endpoint type is the lowest unit of organization in the hierarchical structure managed by the provisioning engine.
  4. A specific type of endpoint needs to be enabled on the Provisioning Server to enable CA Identity Minder to communicate to it.
Correct answer: D
Question 3
During the installation, CA Identity Minder creates several database schemas. Later, to provide scalability, you can create a separate database to replace any one of these, Use the CreateDatabase script to set up a new:
  1. Auditing database instance.
  2. Workflow database instance.
  3. Object Store database instance.
  4. Task persistence database instance.
Correct answer: B
Question 4
In an email template, what is the purpose of the <% %> tag?
  1. Inserts a static text variable
  2. Embeds JavaScript into a template
  3. Presents event context information
  4. Indicates that the template is invalid
Correct answer: B
Question 5
Which ETAUTIL control statement is used to set the same attribute values for a set of objects?
Correct answer: A
Question 6
Which ETAUTIL error appears when the authentication to the Provisioning Server fails?
  1. Object 'XXXX' operation failed
  2. Class 'classname' is not a valid class name
  3. End of file reached while expecting an operator
  4. Unknown error nnn opening Common Object Repository
Correct answer: D
Question 7
Which statement about capability attributes is TRUE?
  1. They represent information initially set for an account.
  2. They are internal read-only Provisioning Server attributes.
  3. They are italicized on account property sheets for easy identification.
  4. They represent account information such as storage size, quantity, frequency limits, or group memberships.
Correct answer: D
Question 8
During Exchange Agent configuration, which step do you perform? 
  1. Install an Exchange server remote agent on the Provisioning Server.
  2. Configure the CAM and CAFT Service to be started by the system account.
  3. Configure inbound mappings to map Exchange events to CA IdentityMinder tasks.
  4. Configure CAFTHOST to recognize the C++ Connector Server (CCS) and the CA IdentityMinder clients.
Correct answer: D
Question 9
At Forward Inc., workflow approval is required whenever a user is added to the HR group. Which API specifies the list of users who are authorized to approve or reject a workflow?
  1. Workflow API
  2. Event Listener API
  3. Participant Resolver API
  4. Business Logic Task Handler API
Correct answer: C
Question 10
Which task do you perform using the CA IdentityMinder Management Console? 
  1. Manage the Provisioning Server.
  2. Customize default roles and tasks. 
  3. Create and manage the Provisioning Directory.
  4. Create an agent that CA SiteMinder can communicate with.
Correct answer: C

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