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Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 810-440
Exam Name: Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach
Date: May 23, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
When selling business outcomes, which two key points/ factors related to understanding actual achievement of goals must be considered? (Choose two.)
  1. specific timeframe and periods
  2. communicational procedures
  3. metrics and calculation procedures
  4. project management milestones
Correct answer: AC
Question 2
Which option is used to describe a customer's vision, mission, strategy, and major initiatives?
  1. business value chain
  2. business model canvas
  3. critical success factor
  4. technology implementation plan
Correct answer: B
Question 3
Which three options are examples of KPIs for Business Outcomes? (Choose three.)
  1. Improved customer satisfaction.
  2. Increased IT service performance.
  3. Lower IT asset obsolescence.
  4. Revenue growth.
  5. Lower OPEX.
  6. Increased IT asset utilization.
Correct answer: ADE
Question 4
Which discipline covers analyzing stakeholder expectations and their approach and posture towards technology?
  1. Stakeholder Relationship
  2. Neurolinguistics Programming
  3. Stakeholder Management
  4. Customer Relationship Management
Correct answer: C
Question 5
Which three options are considerations you have to take into account when communicating the business outcomes story? (Choose three.)
  1. Be aware of people's time and length of presentation.
  2. Organize the presentation so that the message is clear and key points emerge early.
  3. Prepare carefully the agenda and the objectives definitions.
  4. Use the right verbal and corporate language.
  5. Know your audience and what is of interest to them.
Correct answer: ABE
Question 6
Which option is the most effective way to use best practices or scenarios during the selling process?
  1. in use cases that are relevant to the customer
  2. in business cases used previously
  3. in customer briefing documents
  4. in customer benefits statements
Correct answer: A
Question 7
Why is it convenient to tie business outcomes and the customer value proposition?
  1. Because it accelerates the time to market of new products and solutions while maintaining a reasonable cost structure.
  2. Because this way you can establish fixed business goals and priorities and facilitate the deployment project management.
  3. To reduce complexity for stakeholders, it is easier for them to describe the benefits and to influence others to gain support.
  4. Because it keeps the value proposition unchanged, it is easier for stakeholders to claim for accountability.
Correct answer: C
Question 8
Which option is the main element of a Business Outcomes storyline?
  1. relevancy to customers' strategy
  2. Cisco differentiators
  3. Cisco products
  4. guaranteed customer ROI
Correct answer: A
Question 9
Which options are two benefits of understanding the customer's business model? (Choose two.)
  1. Understanding the customer's business model changes the way you interact with your customer.
  2. Understanding the customer's business model provides control and assessment of project challenges.
  3. Understanding the customer's business model helps track progress through outcomes.
  4. Understanding the customer's business model is used to address the sales force mindset.
Correct answer: AC
Question 10
You are working to understand a customer business environment. Which two options are preferred data gathering techniques? (Choose two.)
  1. surveys
  2. interviews
  3. asking competitors
  4. stock analysis reports
  5. social media
Correct answer: AB

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